Aixsponza Corporate Identity

Since 2006 Aixsponza has been producing full CG animations, channle brandings, channel branding, commercials and motion-graphics for worldwide leading brands like BMW, Audi and Red Bull, with a team of designers and technology geeks. Having been freelancing for them as a motion designer since the very early days of Aixsponza  I also got commissioned now […]


[vimeo video_id=”30686427″ width=”650″ height=”365″ title=”No” byline=”No” portrait=”No” autoplay=”No” loop=”No” color=”c9ff23″] I had the honor to design the new Cinema 4D logo with the team of Aixsponza. Manuel was invited for a pitch in Oktober 2010 to represent ideas for a new redesign. In the very first phase we did a wide range of possible ideas […]

Red Bull Racing comes to South Korea

Here´s the second big one for this year I did at Aixsponza who did a HD Feature for the world premiere of the South Korean Formula 1 race circuit in October 2010. Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel comment the characteristics of this new racetrack. I was part of the animation team who did the “engaging […]

Red Bull X-Fighters 2010

I just finished my second really big red bull project at Aixsponza for this year and think it´s really time to publish the first one which I did  in early 2010. It was a full CG movie for the Red Bull X-Fighters Tour 2010. I was responsible for 2 complete parts of the spot. The […]

Mc Donalds Monopoly

I did this 11sec 3d animation for the McDonalds Monopoly campaign in Oktober 2009 at the munich based motion design studio aixsponza. After the main concept was kicked by the client, i had 5 day´s left for a new concept and animation till the end of the deadline. The spot was broadcasted during November and […]

Red Bull Formula 1 – Webber and Vettel Rip Through the Rule Book

Just finished a heavy photoreal 3D spot for Red Bull Formula 1 at AixSponza. I started with job between xmas and new year. My job was to get the “Kers” part done. Four shots direct in the middle of the spot. [1:00 min – 1:24 min]. Did all the Animation of this for, build an […]

Easybank Commercial Austria

Spot for the austrian commercial bank “Easybank”. I was involved in the pitch for that project with some styleframes. After Aixsponza got this job  did all the floral elements and some camera moves.