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I made this spot for a WWF campain for the “international year of the gorilla”.
Gorillas are an endangered species. Especially the Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) and the
Cross River Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla diehli).
Actually there are only 250- 300 Cross River Gorillas and 650-680 Mountain Gorillas living in Africa.
They are the last one of there species.
The United Nations declare 2009 to the Year of the Gorilla. To spread out the word of these gentle giants is the overarching goal of this work wich i did for the wwf international.

“an intriguing, elegant and fully professional-quality spot” (Stash Magazine)
“Beautiful painterly visuals in the PSA thesis project of Ingo Walde” (motionographer)
“Ingo Walde produced an excellent and unique short graphic outlining the plight of the world’s gorillas, which WWF was proud to put its name to.” (Wendy Elliott, Manager, Species, WWF-International)



Title Year of the gorilla
Client WWF International
Idea,Concept,Design, Animation Ingo Walde
Technical Advice Matthias Zabiegly
Compositing Tobias Wiesner
Sound Design Stefan Wühr
Advisor Jürgen Schopper, Burkhard Vetter,
Manuel Casasola Merkle
Renderfarm Aixsponza