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[devider size=”full” thickness=”1px” ][column_row][one_third bg=]Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific commissioned The DMC Initiative to help launch new children’s channel, Discovery Kids. The massive project involved the design and animation of all on-air channel package elements, marketing concepts for launch and off-air designs developed for trade and consumer markets. The DMCI created an on-air package consisting of a core channel package and 7 genre based sub-brand packages. The extensive toolkit (over 400 elements) includes 14 Channel IDs and is tied together by a regionally specific digital style-guide. [/one_third]

[one_third bg=]Creatively, The DMCI focused on the Discovery Kids logo (DK), giving it character and allowing for it to interact with a ‘world of endless possibilities’ whilst also reinforcing a core Discovery Kids message that the channel was to be a portal for smart children’s programming.

I was invited by The DMCI animating the channle launch spot, the irregular filler, preparing elements for the genre IDs and a couple of other stuff for the whole package.[/one_third]

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Title DISCOVERY KIDS Channel Launch
Client Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific
Vice President Karen Cheah
Executive Producer Chris Leow
Production Manager Eileen Lim
Production Coordinator Erin Lin
Animation Studio The DMCI / Australia
Creative Director Nathan Drabsch
Lead Designer/Director Brecon Littleford
Designer/Animator Matt Granger,
Simon Ramsay, Ingo Walde
Producer Belinda Mayne, Melanie Horkan
3D Technical Lead Tim Clapham
General Manager Anne Miles
Audio Design & Composition Suite Sound
Sound Designer Lim Koon Soo, Kelvin Tan
Audio Producer Ler Lee Cheng