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[quote name=”mobile workstation”]Working with rock solid tools and a confident software setup is the key for efficient work as a freelancer in new environments. That’s why I’m available as a freelancer worldwide including a mobile multi GPU desktop workstation. [/quote]
[quote name=”workflow consultant”]For the last +10 years I’ve been working in animation-studios around the world and have experienced a lot of different workflows. I can lead your team to an optimized and more efficient workflow. [/quote][/quoteslider]

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[column_row][one_half bg=] Experience and Passion

Ingo Walde. I’m a Diplomdesigner, specialized as a Cinema 4D artist for animation, motion-design and -direction. I have a strong knowledge in all parts of Cinema 4D including various render engines like Vray for C4D, Octane and Arnold compared with an extended skillset of sculpting and texturing. I’m working all over Germany, Australia or wherever you want to work with me. For the right working experience I’m quiet flexible in traveling.

I also have a deep background as a motion designer, focused on advertising, brand identity and on air design. In 2011 I was the lead designer at Aixsponza for rebranding one of the worlds largest 3D software companies Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

I’ve been featured in several international press and publications and been honored with numerous festival awards for my work.

I’m available for freelance work, so if you are interested in collaborating with me don’t hesitate to send an email to info at ingowalde.com [/one_half]

[one_half_last bg=] Awards/Screenings/Publications Screening

Animated DOT COM 2016
Stash Frontpage
Vimeo Staff Pick – Seed 2015
Screening MTV BUZZ ITFS – Internationales Trickfilm-Festival in Stuttgart Stuttgart 2014
Australian Effects & Animation Filmfestival 2013
Speech at the IBC 2012
Official Maxon Cinema 4D logo redesign 2011
Stash magazine Magazin Issue 75
Eyes & Ears Award for “best social spot” 2010
Screening Australian Effects & Animation Filmfestival 2010
Screening Holland Animation Film Festival 2010
Speech at the FMX 2010
Typolyrics 2010
Featured on Motionographer
Interview CG Magazin China 2009
The Reel 2010
Typodarium 2010
Zeixs Books, Lable & Pattern Design 2010
Aniwow Beijing 2009
Stash Magazin Issue 61
Lecture for Maxon Conference 2009
Screening ECU Paris 2009
1st place Best Motion Graphic Design Aniwow! Beijing 2008
Bronze “Non-Commercial” ITVA Award 2008
Screening ITFS Stuttgart 2008
Bronze “Non-Commercial” ITVA Award 2007
1st place “Beste Vorspanngestaltung” Eyes & Ears Award 2007
1st place “TV Design” kurz und schön 2007 1st place AOL Video Award 2006