[devider size=”full” thickness=”1px” ][column_row][one_third bg=]A big one for Red Bull wich i was part of at Aixsponza who did a HD Feature for the world premiere of the South Korean Formula 1 race circuit. Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel comment the characteristics of this new racetrack. I was part of the animation team who did the “engaging camera work” how the team from stashmedia.tv it call. [/one_third]

[one_third bg=]With four main animators in the team I did the part from the “Arena” over “Marina” down to “The Finish Line” with a 360 degree camera fly high up to the sky. Production took about 10 weeks with most time spent on the animatic and asset creation phase. First time we did use vRay Instances to render whole 3D forests instead of mattepaints. So I also had a very good experience in vray shading an lighting in the production process after my animation part was done.[/one_third]

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Title F1 Track Introduction Korea Grand Prix 2010
Client Red Bull Media House GmbH
Production Company Peter Clausen Film & TV Produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Munich
Director / Producer Peter Clausen
Line Producer Cecilia Trück
Animation Studio Aixsponza GmbH
Editing / VFX Director Christian Tyroller
CD / VFX Supervisor Manuel Casasola Merkle
Lead 3D Artist Matthias Zabiegly
Martin Matzeder
3D Artists Leonhard Akinbiyi, Holger Aumüller,
Jan Haluszka, Magid Hoff, Norbert Kiehne,
Christian Scheck, Christian Stanzel, Philipp Strasser, Tobias Szabo, Jörg Vogel, Ingo Walde
Modeling Ulf Gieseler, John Strieder
Rigging Fabian Rosenkranz
Lead Compositing Tobias Wiesner
Compositing Tobias Müller
Production Manager Anne Tyroller, Eva Kunze
Sound Design & Mix Heiko Müller
Composer Andrej Melita, Peter Clausen