[devider size=”full” thickness=”1px” ][column_row][one_third bg=]Motionstudio Engine Australia realised the second strory of “beer”. This is the story of ARVO 34 and ARVO 51. Conceived in the Perfect Lager Project , they are the love children of our master brewers and thousands of beer-loving, iPhone-wielding Australians. We’re extremely proud of our two brews but we can only keep one.[/one_third]

[one_third bg=]I was responsible for all the 3D animation in the spot.

Please watch the Stereo anaglyph version here[/one_third]

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Title Arvo Beer
Client Arvo
Animation Studio Engine / Australia
Directed by Mike Williamson
Producer Amelia Peacocke, George Kacevski
Creative Director Simon Robson
Illustration Josh Edwards, Mike Williamson
3D Animation Ingo Walde
Animation Josh Edwards, Nick Petley, Mike Williamson
Agency AnalogFolk
Sound Mix Stellar Glebe